Salt use soaring this winter

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PARIS, Ky. (WKYT) - Don Menke, the Bourbon County Road Supervisor, always has a lot going on this time of year.

"Very busy winter! Yep, very busy! Last year, we ran about six or seven times. This year, we run four, five, six times a week when it's bad like this!" Menke said.

And that means they're plowing through that salt supply much faster than in the past. Last year, they used a total of 280 tons of salt.

"We've used over 650 tons of salt so far this year. Salt is getting scarce as you can see in my barn," he said.

Menke says his crews can stretch their supply a bit.

"I'm mixing my salt now with rock. That's good for traction when you've got all this ice. That works real well and it saves a lot of salt," he said.

He's trying to do anything he can to avoid buying more salt than they've already paid for.

"Now, when it gets down to where there isn't any and you run out your orders, then you may have to pay what they want to price you, so there you go," Menke said.

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