Same old scattered pattern

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The threat of scattered showers and storms will continue through the evening hours. Any storm that develops will likely produce heavy rain and lightning. There is an occasional threat of hail. This particular type of storm is notorious for hanging right over one area and just raining for 30 minutes to one hour. Some can linger even longer and that's when flash flooding becomes a huge concern. Most of these storms will begin to lose their fuel as we head into the nighttime hours.

The same set-up will appear across Kentucky on Thursday. Your morning will remain all quiet. Once we reach midday... all bets are off! If you have watched the radar in recent days you have noticed 3-5 small storms developing. Then by 2pm the coverage is all over the place. This is the same thing you will see on Thursday.

The moisture could get cut-off some on Friday. All that really means for us is that we'll see less coverage of showers and storms. It might even look decent for most of you during the daytime hours. Basically, not everyone will get wet on Friday.

Saturday is the only day in my entire 7-Day Forecast that doesn't include showers and storms. That's the day to have no fear of planning something outdoors during that afternoon or evening.

Have a Great One!

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