Same sex couple claims they were victims of discrimination

They claim a kiss got them kicked out of a park. A lesbian couple tells WKYT they feel this is a case of discrimination.

They say it happened while they were having some maternity pictures taken at a Richmond park.

"It was just a peck of a kiss," explains mom-to-be Cheri Chenault. She and her partner Destiny Keith were posing for some pictures on the privately funded side of E.C. Million Park in Richmond. Their professional photographer, Jessica Miller-Poole with 13 Wishes Photography, says right after she photographed the kiss, the park attendant kicked them out.

"We were told it was inappropriate behavior for us to kiss," says Chenault.

WKYT did talk to the grounds manager on the privately funded side of E.C. Million Park and he does say he is shocked, and is talking to other people involved to get their side.

"We've been called different names, but we've never been kicked out of a place," explains Chenault, "I look at us as a family. We're having a baby, so a family park, family picture ... I don't understand why we had to be kicked out."

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