Scalp tickets during the NCAA tournament and face jail time

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You've seen them holding signs, trying to sell you tickets in downtown Lexington. But, for those who take their chances may be out of luck.

"We are going to be cracking down on prohibited sales and scalping in the downtown area," says Sherelle Roberts, with Lexington Police.

No one is allowed to sell tickets in a 2 block radius of the Lexington Center two hours before a ticketed event and for an hour after. This area includes Broadway, Maxwell, High, and Jefferson Street.

"We have situations where people are harassing people or they're creating a traffic hazard," adds Roberts.

People selling tickets could get a ticket of their own for up to $250 dollars face up to seven days in jail.

"The biggest problem that we always have is when you do these multi-session tournaments, such as this, Sweet Sixteen basketball, and others, the losers as they're coming out get almost, we'll say the word accosted by brokers or scalpers. They're trying to buy tickets from them on the way out, " says Carl Hall, the Director of Arena Management.

Hall says scalpers, whether local or from out of town can put damper on the Rupp Arena experience, "The frustration they experience and one of the negative aspects of the wonderful experience they have in Lexington."

While it will be up to the discretion of the Lexington Police officer to issue a warning, citation, or take someone to jail. Police suggest not to press your luck.

"I wouldn't expect people to be saying, let me try this...I may get a warning. We're going to be strictly enforcing this. So I'd say just play it safe and don't do it all," says Roberts.

Lexington Police say they are not out to ruin anyone's time, but they will be making sure that the laws are obeyed. Lexington Police plan to have officers in uniform and plain clothes in an effort to find people breaking the rules.

It is also prohibited to sell food and other goods outside of the Lexington Center during the NCAA tournament as well.

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