Scammers try to get quick cash by posing as firefighters

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Over the last week, two people have been going door-to-door in Laurel County claiming to be raising money for a local fire department. The problem? The fire chief says it's a scam and these people are just keeping the money.

It's a trusted organization residents rely on, an organization designed to protect and help and an organization that scammers are taking advantage of.

"They are out pretending to be firefighters and we aren't taking any donations. We do not go door-to-door and ask for donations," said Chief Darren Pennington with the East Bernstadt Fire Department.

This week, the fire chief began getting complaints about a man and a woman scamming people by pretending to collect money for East Bernstadt Fire Department.

"They have been up and down this whole road right here, Old Richmond Road, asking for donations," said Kevin Joseph, who lives in the area target by scammers.

Joseph says when they came to his house, “They didn’t show a badge or ID or anything,” he didn't fall for the scammer's scheme. "We didn't give them money."

We're told the scammers have been targeting the Pittsburg Community of Laurel County.

The East Bernstadt Fire Chief says even when the folks living in this area tell them they don't have any money, the scammers say not to worry---they'll come back again.

"They are hurting the community. They are not helping us in any way so I would tell them not to do this because you're taking something away from somebody who does need it," Chief Pennington said.

Now, this organization needs your help to ensure that no more money meant for the fire department winds up in the wrong hands.

The East Bernstadt Fire Department also wants to remind residents that they only collect dues through the mail.

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