School bus crash injures four

MADISON COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - Four people were taken to the hospital after a school bus crash.

It happened on Highway 21, west of Berea, near Cartersville Road.

People who live nearby say the crash shows just how dangerous the road can be. They say something needs to be done to protect drivers.

The women working Friday afternoon on Harold's Auto Parts lawn on Paint Lick Road are used to seeing wrecks.

"We have a lot of traffic on this road, and the curve up the road has had a lot of deaths in the past years," said Frances Harold.

Thankfully, the two she saw Friday weren't fatal. She tells WKYT the first crash happened when a driver stopped to turn left. Another driver just didn't slow down in time, and she says rear ended the car in front of them. The second wreck happened less than hour later.

"I just heard a loud crash," explained Charleen James.

That's the one James says involved a truck and a school bus. Madison County sheriff's deputies tell WKYT they took four people to the hospital for injuries. The two students on board, they say, weren't hurt.

"It's mostly these hidden entrances, because as you go around this curve you don't know that you're stopping to turn on 954 which is basically the same thing here," said James.

The two have already put in calls with road authorities, pleading for signs that will get drivers to slow down.

"If you've been in an accident before like I have right here, then when you come down that road you slow down," said James.

"It will happen again. We've seen it happen too many times," worried Harold.

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