School bus driver blames bright headlights for crash

CLARK COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - A Clark County Schools bus ended up being towed away after an early morning crash. Bus number 46 went off of Highway 89, near Hilltop Road.

"Anytime that you have on these roads, and on interstates, just anywhere, it's just a reminder that we always have to be mindful and careful," said Greg Hollon, Director of Pupil Personnel, Clark Co. Schools.

The driver, a monitor and an elementary-aged student were on board the bus at the time. All three were shaken up a bit, but not injured.

The Clark County Schools transportation director says that the driver, who has more than 17 years experience behind the wheel of a school bus for the system, said she was temporarily blinded by a car traveling the opposite direction with their brights on.

The transportation director for Clark County Schools says the driver, bus monitor and bus were all back to work by the time school let out Friday afternoon.

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