School bus driver fired amidst investigation

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ROCKCASTLE COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - We were able to pick up the uniform citation from Rockcastle County today.

In it is information that outlines why Kentucky State Police investigators have charged Joshua Robbins with 63 counts of sending inappropriate messages, not just to minors, but to students who used to ride his school bus.

The lead investigator states in his report that he received complaints from the parents of two juvenile boys. The trooper noted one victim had 60 messages from Robbins, the other juvenile had erased most, but still had 3.

The investigator said the conversations between Robbins and the boys centered around pornographic material. Police also said in one of the Facebook messages, Robbins asked one of the boys to come stay with him.

We spoke with one woman living in Mount Vernon who's great-granddaughter rode Robbins' bus at one point. She couldn't believe the accusations.

"I was really shocked. It's hard for me to believe because to me he was such wonderful person," the woman said.

We spoke to Rockcastle County Superintendent David Pensol about Robbins' arrest. He told us Robbins was fired yesterday prior to being arrested. He said at this point, the school system will fully cooperate with the state police investigation.

He added that there were no formal complaints made by parents regarding Robbins' alleged behavior, and that a background check of Robbins before his employment with the school system, turned up no red flags.

"My granddaughter never said anything to me about him ever doing or saying anything out of the way. And he's always been extremely nice to me, and he was to her," said the woman.

While we were picking up the citation from the judicial center, we learned that Robbins had just bonded out. We went to his home to see if he had anything to say about the charges he now faces, he declined to comment.