School bus slides off road, van flips into Scott Co. creek

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SCOTT COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - Even as temperatures warm up, some areas like Porter Road in Scott County are still dealing with icy conditions.

Around 7:00 Tuesday morning, emergency officials say an Active Day bus was traveling across a small bridge when it hit an icy patch and flipped into a creek. Police say the driver was the only person inside and he was able to get out safely before help arrived.

Then 30 minutes later, about a mile up the road, a school bus carrying more than 20 kids also slipped on a patch of ice. Officials say it was found teetering on the edge of a hill.

The only thing keeping it from falling was the steps used when children get on and off the bus. Everyone was able to get out safely and onto a replacement bus.

Officials say both of these situations could have turned out much worse.

"The school bus, kudos to the driver, she did a great job and the kids are all safe," says Jack Donovan, Director of Emergency Management. "This incident here could have most definitely been a lot worse."

Porter Road was shut down for about three hours while crews worked to clear both of those accidents.

That road was also salted and treated before it reopened around 10:00 a.m.

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