School threat at McCreary Central turns out to be hoax

STEARNS, Ky (WKYT) - It began with students claiming another student had threatened to kill personnel at McCreary Central High School Thursday, and it spread like wildfire on social media.

“We have very concerned parents, kids scared to come to school today. And even though we have measures, I understand why parents are concerned,” said Principal Sharon Privett.

Out of 800 students, more than 200 were absent.

When students arrived Thursday morning they were greeted by 4 state troopers, sheriff’s deputies and the school resource officer. A lot of that was done simply as a precaution, but also to investigate the alleged threat.

Police interviewed the student and discovered no threat was ever made. In fact…other students made up the threat entirely. Despite the scare, officials are confident they are prepared for the real thing.

“Every drill we take seriously. Because we know that any time it could be. Although there’s a million situations we need to be prepared we feel we responded well and were efficient,” said Privett.

The McCreary Superintendent says students who make up false claims against other students need to be held accountable.

Police say the students who made up the threat may have done so as a way to "bully" the other student.

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