Scott Co. businesses stay open despite snow

SCOTT COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - Counties just to the north received some snow Friday. In Scott County, classes were canceled because of the weather and crews were out early clearing streets and salting roads.

When families in Scott County woke up Friday morning, snow-covered roads greeted them. School leaders canceled classes. Road crews salted streets. Business owners shoveled snow and ice off sidewalks.

"We're gonna be open the same hours we're open and hopefully we're as busy as we are this morning," noted Nancy Puckett, owner of Sam's Restaurant, "there was nothing on the roads as I came to work. Actually it was just a little wet. It was snowing, but the snow was melting."

More rural roads were last to be cleared Friday. A viewer sent us a picture of a state salt truck flipped in the county on Josephine Road, near Porter. Director of Roads and Maintenance J.R. Brandenburg told WKYT he's now keeping his eyes on Saturday's snow chances.

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