Scott County mother warning parents of strange man

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SCOTT COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - A mother tells us she has an alert for all parents in Scott County. She says a stranger drove up to her 10-year-old daughter outside her home, showing some unusual behavior.

This mother has been using Facebook to get the word out since Monday when she says the incident occurred. Through social media, Kim Lynn has been sharing her daughter's story and warning other parents of a man who she says could have the wrong intentions.

"She said, 'Momma, I was scared. I didn't know who he was,'" said Lynn.

This mother's intuition and her experience at a 911 center set off alarms in her head.

"This is a typical pedophile scenario where they try to lure a child away from a home with a story of I've lost my pet. Can you come help me find it?" said Lynn.

It happened along Oxford Village Lane when Lynn says her daughter was waiting for her younger sister's bus after school. That's when a strange car pulled up right in front of their home.

"And he said, 'Can you help me?' And Amy kind of backed up and looked towards the house," said Lynn. "And the man said, 'Do you have any pets?' And about that time my husband stepped outside on the porch."

Lynn says her husband then saw the dark brown or maroon Lincoln MKT take off down their road towards Newtown Pike. Now, she has been asking questions like who is this man? What did he want? And where did he go? So she says she alerted the Scott County Sheriff's Office immediately.

"We very rarely see sheriff's cars unless something has happened," said Lynn. "But today I've seen two or three of them."

She's now got her eyes peeled for anything out of the ordinary while reinforcing stranger danger to her four daughters.

"You just can't be too careful these days," said Lynn.

Sheriff's deputies are now investigating and patrolling the Oxford area.

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