Scott County murder remains a mystery

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SCOTT COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - It’s been nearly four years and a family is no closer to knowing who killed their loved one.

Sue Jones was found dead in her Scott County home on February fourth, 2010.

Investigators say she died of blunt force trauma but no arrests have ever been made.

February fourth, 2010--- the day that Gail Jones’ life was forever changed by one phone call.

“My phone rings again and I’m like oh my gosh what does he want? When I answer he tells me mama has been murdered,” Gail told us.

It has been nearly four years since her mother, Sue Jones, was found dead in her Scott County home.

With each year that passes, Gail’s frustration continues to grow. “I know no more today than I knew the day it happened,” Gail explained to us Wednesday night.

On Wednesday evening, we talked to state police about this case who said no new information is being released.

They also said when dealing with unsolved murders, it's typical for police to return to the scene every year or so to continue their investigation.

This year, Gail thinks social media could help bring about answers in this case.

“My niece made a Facebook page and it’s brought more than 800 people together for mom. That’s amazing.”

On February first, Gail hopes those hundreds of people will attend a memorial she's holding for her mother in order to keep Sue Jones’ memory and the hope of solving this mystery alive.

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