Scott County officials urging drivers to use caution

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SCOTT COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - Emergency management officials in Scott County had to shut down a portion of a road due to high waters. Those crews are urging drivers to use caution due to rising water.

Scott County Emergency Management Major Michael Hennigan says there are several flood poles posted throughout the county to help them monitor high water levels.

"We've been also trying to monitor. We have seven flood poles throughout the county," said Major Hennigan. "We have people going out and watching those poles making sure that the citizens don't get trapped or that we don't get surprised by water that's coming up."

On Friday morning, they did have a portion of Duvall Station Road in Stamping Ground, at the bridge, closed for about an hour and a half because of rising water. They have since reopened that bridge but are still watching the water levels because rain is falling again.

Part of Luke Road near Sadieville is also closed due to high water. At one point, about three feet of water covered a bridge over Elkhorn Creek there.

A high water warning sign was in place on Frankfort Road at Homestead Parkway as well throughout the day. The road is passable, but drivers are urged to use caution.

"The biggest thing is turn around, don't drown. It only takes three inches of water to float a car, and what you think you may be able to get through because it's only axle high in your car, you may suddenly be traveling sideways and be into a whole lot of trouble," said Major Hennigan.

At this point, emergency management officials say they have had no reports of damage or injuries due to the high waters. But a few people on Luke Road were trapped for hours because a tunnel filled with rain water and a bridge there was underwater.

"I was supposed to go to a funeral. My aunt died," said Lily Slaughter, who lives on Luke Road. "And I supposed to go, and I couldn't get out."

Emergency management officials are continuing to monitor the water levels and weather radars in Scott County.

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