Scott County road crews gearing up for more snow

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SCOTT COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - We're only in the middle of January, but for road crews around the Bluegrass, it has already been a long winter.

In Scott County, road crews say they've been called out to put down salt or clear snow at least 10 times this season. And they say they're getting weary of the winter weather.

As always road crews in Scott County are ready for whatever Mother Nature brings their way. As of Monday night, they were on standby waiting for the temperature to drop. More snow means more salt. And in Scott County, they've already used half a salt barn this winter. And each time they apply salt to the roadways, it costs about $14,000.

"We've used a lot of salt. I've already had 500 tons delivered so far this year," said J.R. Brandenburg, the director of the Scott County Road Department. "I've got more on order."

A three-day weekend just isn't possible for these road crews with a long night Friday and now this.

"It does get tiresome, especially weekends, nights, and stuff," said Brandenburg. "We had to go out Christmas Eve. But that's part of our job to keep the roads safe for everybody out there."

When the snow decides to arrive this time, it'll be their 12th time on the roads, spreading salt and scraping streets.

"It is a big number," said Brandenburg. "We went out about five times last year."

Brandenburg says he knows it could be much worse. Because let's face it, we actually haven't gotten much snow this season.

"We've had a lot of little aggravating snows," said Brandenburg. "And if it snows half of an inch or if it snows six inches, you've got to salt and plow."

But it's not a cheap job no matter how much white stuff falls from the sky. They have no plans set in place as of yet. They've just got their eye on the sky and the radar, hoping it's not as bad as past run-ins with Old Man Winter.

"A couple ice storms in the previous years have turned all my hair white," said Brandenburg.

Crews usually come in at 8 a.m., but they are well aware they could called in much earlier than that.

Officials with the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet say crews will be coming in at 3 a.m. in Fayette and surrounding counties to patrol and treat the roads as it begins to snow.

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