Scott County road crews ready to go

SCOTT COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - With the vehicles ready to go, the Scott County Road Department says they spent Tuesday preparing for the long, snowy night ahead.

They have all 13 of their road trucks loaded and ready to go and waiting inside this garage, as crews prepare for what could be a long night of winter weather. The Roads Department has 275 miles of county roads to take care of, and on a day with snow and freezing temperatures, it could mean a lot of work ahead. The department is geared up and ready, and letting their drivers get rest now before the rush.

"We're going to let them go home and get some supper, maybe get a nap and a little bit of rest. It could be a long night or it could not be anything," says J.R. Brandenburg, with the Scott County Road Department.

In the meantime, Brandenburg and two other supervisors will patrol the roads for slick spots.. and call in the crews as necessary, because when it comes to weather in Kentucky, anything can change.

"Whatever the weather is in Kentucky, you never know so we'll deal with it. Looking forward to spring," Brandenburg says.

Scott County road workers began preparing their trucks last month.

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