Scott County storm damage: tree topples into house

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Around Scott County, you could find minor damage and problems from the storm passing through. Power was momentarily out in the Colony subdivision, and on Gano Avenue a cable line came down temporarily making it difficult for drivers to pass through on the street.

However, on Highland Avenue the damage had a lasting impact. Not too long after the homeowner arrived home, a tree fell causing damage and putting a hole in the home, and then crushing her vehicle.

"I happened to be standing in the kitchen window which is on that side of the house and I didn't hear the crack of the fall, but I think I heard it hit her car next door. It was very noticeable," says Susan Hayes, who lives next door.

While the home and car couldn't avoid the damage, Susan Hayes says their vehicles barely did. Her husband was worried about the storm, and the old tree next door, and took precautions ahead of time.

"It's been crazy all morning so we were concerned about that tree next door so we moved out cars and everything and got them out of the way," says Susan Hayes.

As for damage here in Scott County, emergency officials tell us luckily that was pretty much the worst damage. They say there was also a report of a tree damaging a fence, allowing some horses to temporarily get out.

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