Sculpture with 10,000 lights illuminates Triangle Park

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Triangle Park in downtown Lexington is now lit up at night by an interactive sculpture with more than 10,000 incandescent light bulbs.

The Lexington Art League's Luminosity is a glowing, cloud-like sculpture and its largest project in its almost six-decade history.

"The LUMINOSITY sculpture at Triangle Park will not only engage an unprecedented number of Central Kentuckians with the transformative power of art, but it also will require the community's direct, concrete support each step of the way," says Colleen Merrill, LAL's Education and Community Outreach Director.

The sculpture was created by visiting Canadian artists Caitlind R.C. Brown and Wayne Garrett, who fabricated the work with the help of Bluegrass Community and Technical College students in the BCTC welding shop.

Thousands of donated light bulbs completed the shape of the sculpture, which is lit by LED lights that refract light throughout clusters of incandescent bulbs. Motion sensors embedded in the sculpture react to physical movements, creating a dazzling ripple of lights and forming a symbiotic connection between the artwork and its viewers.

"The sculpture at Triangle Park will not be the kind of artwork that you passively admire," says Stephanie Harris, LAL Executive Director. "Viewers will literally engage the work with their physical bodies, the effects of which will radiate throughout Lexington's downtown cityscape."

"At its heart, the entire scope of LUMINOSITY can be seen as a metaphor for how LAL wants to engage the community with visual art," says Becky Alley, adding that the sculpture at Triangle Park embodies LAL's Art for Everyone slogan.

"The sculpture at Triangle Park can be enjoyed by everyone who sees and interacts with it" says Alley. "Visitors don't have to know it is a work of art by internationally renowned artists, they do not have to go inside a gallery, they simply are invited to participate, to engage the sculpture in this very public setting on their own terms."

In addition to the sculpture at Triangle Park, LUMINOSITY will include a full-scale exhibition at the Loudoun House featuring interactive light-based art from regional, national, and international artists, as well as a spate of related community programming. Evening gallery hours will offer patrons an illuminated, artistically nourishing reprieve from the dark nights of winter.

Brown and Garrett have exhibited similar sculptures in Calgary, Moscow, Chicago, Prague, and the Netherlands. After their eight-week residency in Lexington, they are slated to create light-based installations in Singapore.

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