Search and rescue crews work simulated plane crash

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PIKEVILLE, Ky. (WKYT/WYMT) - Search and rescue teams worked early Saturday, October 6th at a simulated training exercise.

One of the volunteers there knew the routine very well.

Clay Corbett has been a part of many search and rescue teams, one of them being in West Liberty after the tornado outbreak.

“That was just devastating. We had agencies that when they responded, they didn't know where to start first,” said Clay Corbett.

However, Saturday’s emergency wasn’t nearly as devastating or as real.

“It's basically an airplane that had trouble on the take off and it circled back around and it missed the runway and hit some trees and started to break up. Everything is simulated,” said Emergency Management Director, Doug Tackett.

Volunteer fire departments and search and rescue teams from Pike and surrounding counties joined in the mock disaster.

Officials say, the location that the exercises are held at can create even more difficult scenarios for searchers, and Saturday's weather made it even tougher.

“It puts it in an instance where this is a prime candidate for a plane accident, but you have rough terrain and steep elevations, really steep elevations here,” said Corbett.

Two command posts ran the exercise as if it were a real disaster.

“That's why we practice so we can put the system in play and see what works and what doesn't work, and find way to improve and improve what doesn't work well,” said Tackett.

Making sure it's a job well done whether it's a plane crash or tornado.

“Each one of them stays in your memory. We love doing this as volunteers because we love to help people but every incident we try to learn from,” said Corbett.

The mock search and rescue took nearly three months of planning and lasted all day.

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