Fleming County teen's body found in quarry

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FLEMINGSBURG, Ky. (WKYT) - For the past four days, crowds of people have come to Fleming County in the hopes of finding Ricky Hamilton Jr. He disappeared Saturday evening while deer hunting with his father. After days of turning up no clues, the end result that no one wanted to hear had arrived. Police discovered Hamilton's body in a nearby rock quarry.

Beginning their fourth day of searching, Ricky Hamilton Jr's parents were still clinging to hope.

"Baby come home! If you see mommy and daddy, if somebody's done something, come home or call mommy and daddy. We love you," pleaded Kathy Hamilton.

Shortly after 1:00, though, Kentucky State Police say they spotted the boys body from their helicopter.

"Unfortunately the search ended with the result of his death. He was found in a quarry. It was determined that it was an accidental incident in which, while he was out hunting, he fell off a cliff and landed in a pile of rocks" said Trooper Endre Samu of the Kentucky State Police.

Family members were devastated by the news. Friends of the family who had helped search said they'll give as much support as they can.

"I'm praying for you all. If you need anything, just let me know," said Amanda Sanders.

Though this story ended badly, officials say the support they received shows just how tightly knit this community is. Students planned to have a prayer vigil at the Fleming County High School football field Tuesday evening. Hamilton played defensive back for their team.

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