Search crews recover body of man who fell from horse

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JESSAMINE COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - What started out as a carefree horseback riding trip between four friends ended in tragedy when one of the riders was killed after being thrown from his horse.

Wkyt’s Jordan vilines spoke with family members of Danny Reynolds who said he died doing what he loved most.

56-year-old Danny Reynolds was born and raised off the rural roads in Jessamine County and knew the area like the back of his hand.

His family and friends say Reynolds was frequently seen near his property riding atop his horse, Sady.

“He rides out there pretty often; he’s a pretty well known horseman,” said Jessamine County Coroner Michael Hughes.

But Saturday night, Reynolds never made it back from his horseback riding trip.

Reynolds and three of his friends went horseback riding around 7:00 Saturday and about an hour into the trip they tried to cross over Hickman Creek but, somehow, Reynolds horse slipped.

Reynolds' family tells us when the horse fell, Reynolds was swept underneath the rushing waters and pulled downstream.

His friends quickly called 911 but by the time search crews arrived it was pitch black, making it nearly impossible for anyone to see where Reynolds was carried off to.

All they were able to find was Reynolds' hat and horse, who was seemingly unharmed by the whole incident.

“The search and rescue looked for him Saturday night and weren't able to find him and they recovered his body Sunday morning,” Hughes said.

We talked with Reynolds’ son off-camera who said that he wants his father to be remembered as a kind, loving man with a big heart and that his passion in life was riding his beloved horses.

The Jessamine County Coroner says the apparent cause of Danny Reynolds' death is drowning but they are still awaiting autopsy results.

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