Search for arsonist continues after Anderson County business is destroyed

LAWRENCEBURG, Ky. (WKYT) ― An Anderson County business owner continues to look for answers after someone set fire to his business, twice.

Oscar Shingleton is still going through the rubble where his business used to be. On October 29th the building that housed Red's Welding and Scrap Removal burned to the ground.

"All my tools, pretty much took care of them all," said Shingleton.

Kentucky State Police already had an arson investigation going on at the business, from the week before. Shingleton says someone set the building on fire but the flames died out and he discovered it the next day.

"The following week they came back and finished the job. They wouldn't leave until it was burnt" he said.

Shingleton's five children have started a fund at Century Bank to help him rebuild, but he says he hopes to get by on his own.

So far he's still working, but without most of his equipment.

"That's what I've done all my life, 66 years old and I've always relied on myself, don't want to stop now," he said.

But he does want to know why someone would destroy something he worked so hard to create.

"I'd just like to know who and why, what the reasoning was? Because I try to help people and I don't know who would be dislike me that much."

The Kentucky State Police are offering a $1,000 reward for information leading to the people responsible. Shingleton says his homeowners insurance is offering an additional $5,000. The KSP arson tipline is 1-800-27-ARSON.

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