Missing Winchester woman with Alzheimer's found safe

CLARK COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - A missing 73-year old woman in Clark County is now back home with her family.

More than 100 people from several agencies took part in the search for Betty Schmidt. She went missing between 9:30pm and midnight Monday from her home on French Avenue in Winchester.

A reverse 911 call was sent out to around 2,700 residents in the area alerting them Schmidt was missing.

"We got a call on the phone at about 3:30 from the 911 system about a lady being missing," said Clarence Creech.

Creech was part of the army of searchers combing the block and surrounding neighborhood.

"Anybody who got the call I guarantee they're out, the ones that are able. My wife, she's upset because she's not physically able to come with me. So I had her stay home. But she would've been out here if she could," Creech added.

Family of 73-year old Betty Schmidt told emergency crews she may be suffering from Alzheimer's, making her disappearance into the cold, rainy and windy night more alarming.

"We figured she went somewhere and maybe laid down and went to sleep and we'd never find her, freeze to deaths. But, God saved her," said Schmidt's son, Jessie Moore.

Moore says he and his family were overwhelmed by the response to look for his mother, and that they're taking steps to prevent something like this from happening again.

"We're getting a tracking bracelet for her and that will track her if she ever wanders off, we'll be able to track her."

Schmidt told paramedics that she had gone to an abandoned home in the area. Schmidt just moved to Winchester to live with her family and was unfamiliar with the area.

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