UPDATE: Search underway for missing woman in Scott Co.

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SCOTT COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - There is an active search underway in a Scott County neighborhood for a missing woman.

The search scene is in the Longview subdivision, off of US 460 in Scott County.

We're told the woman, who is a paraplegic, has been missing from her home since Sunday night. 26-year-old Chi-Lee Tipton is confined to a wheelchair.

The Scott County Sheriff's Office is combing the neighborhood by ground and with a search dog.

Scott County Sheriff's Deputies tell WKYT they do not suspect any foul play, however they are concered because Tipton left home without all of her medication.

They say right now, they want to locate the 26-year-old to make sure she's ok.

Sheriff's Deputies say Tipton's parents reported her missing Tuesday morning, but had not seen her since Sunday. Officers say this is not unusual because Tipton holds an opposite schedule to her parents. Investigators say Tipton is usually up all night on the internet and both of her parents work during the day when she's asleep.

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