Third arrest made in major Lexington mail theft case

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Three people are in jail facing felony charges after police say they stole packages from at least two dozen homes in Lexington.

Police say the three suspects hit homes in Hartland, Andover, Idle Hour and Fairway neighborhoods. Police say the group stole packages left outside several homes.

Police first arrested Allen Whitaker, 24, for theft of mail mater and theft by unlawful taking late Tuesday afternoon. Brian Ryder, 31, is the second person to be charged with several counts of theft of mail, according to court documents. Wednesday afternoon, police arrested the third person they were looking for, Eden Bishop, 25.

Don Martin receives packages on a regular basis, "I'm a businessman. I'm a medical rep. I'm constantly getting packages for business and for work."

While dozens of people are now missing their packages, Martin feels fortunate all of his deliveries are safe.

"We consider it, especially this area; we consider it a safe area. We do take it for granted that when you get a package, it is supposed to be here, it is going to be. You don't expect this to really happen," says Martin.

People who live in the neighborhoods that have been hit plan to keep watch for their own package deliveries and their neighbors.

"It definitely make me think twice about packages I’m going to be getting, I'm definitely going to look a little closer and maybe have friends pick them up if I can't get to them as quickly," says Martin.

If crime comes knocking on Nancy Hobstetter's door, she says she won't be afraid to return to sender, "I'm a license carrier. And I will protect myself if I see anybody doing anything that I think is illegal."

While three people are in custody, Lexington Police say the mail theft case is still under investigation.

Allen Whitaker
Brian Ryder

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