Second home invasion in one week near UK campus

LEXINGTON, Ky. -- For the second time this week, University of Kentucky students have been the victims of a burglar.

Lexington police say that someone broke into a home on Waller Avenue late last night.

This comes after a similar burglar on Aylesford Place, just two days ago.

The three UK students were robbed at gunpoint last night. Lexington police are looking into possible connections between the robbery on Aylesford and the robbery on Waller.

"I walked back towards the back door and stood in the kitchen and looked otwards the doorway, and was like, 'Oh, crap, someone really is in our house!'" said Tyler Able, who was one of the victims in the break-in.

Able described what happened next. "At that point I was like, 'Dude, whatever, you can have anything you want.' He said, 'I want your wallet,' and I immediately grabbed my wallet and opened it up and said, 'Here you go.'"

While one of Able's roommates ran to get their wallet, Able quickly called 911.

"They were standing in the doorway, and at that time I was still sitting on the couch. I opened my iPhone and dialed 911."

After taking their cash and an iPad, the robber fled, said Able. Police showed up just minutes later.

A situation very similar to this home invasion happened on Tuesday. In both situations, the intruder came in through an unlocked back door.

"I didn't really think it was going to happen to us," Able said. "Nobody really does. I guess just be more responsible and make sure everything is locked when we leave the house and before we go to bed."

Lexington police say that if you see an unfamiliar person at your back door, you're urged to call 911.

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