Second arrest in Clark Co. case of body found in burning home

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WINCHESTER, Ky. (WKYT) - A second suspect in an arson case is in jail.

WKYT has been tracking the case out of Clark County since October.

Firefighters found Kenneth Payton's body inside the burning home. Police say he was murdered.

Brandon Guy is now charged with arson in the case. Police have already arrested Aaron Spencer and charged him with arson.

Police say Payton's girlfriend told them he was attacked by Spencer and Guy before the fire was set.

Guy spoke to WKYT from jail about that night, "It really hurts me because this guy has been dating my momma for five years, you know, we've had a lot of good memories and stuff. I wouldn't wish that on him. You know, he was nice enough to let me stay there."

Guy claims he didn't have anything to do with the fire and that he was only defending himself that October night, when he says Payton took out a knife, "And basically, you know this guy was endangering people's lives, so something had to be done with the guy and I just knocked him out. And I go take a shower to clean up and stuff and I come out and the house is up in flames."

Police tell us that Payton did not die as a result of a fire, but instead that he was murdered.

Guy says he is not responsible for Payton's death, "I didn't just keep beating on him. He was just snoring, he was out cold. You know, he was breathing and everything. He was still fine when I went to take a shower."

Guy tells WKYT that he assumed Payton escaped through a different exit in the building while it was burning.

Guy anticipates he'll be charged with Payton's murder, but is maintaining his innocence, "He didn't deserve to die. You know, he was a good guy. He just made some bad choices, we all do. You know. May he rest in peace, ya know."

Police continue to investigate. It's unclear if other charges will be filed.

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