Senate passes bill inspired by fallen officer

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FRANKFORT, Ky. (WKYT) - Brandy Durman came to Frankfort on a mission.

"It would be one step closer to getting this law changed and getting justice for my husband," she said. Her husband, Bryan Durman, was a Lexington police officer killed while responding to a call.

Under current Kentucky law, second degree manslaughter and reckless homicide are considered non-violent crimes. If convicted, the offenders only have to serve 20% of their sentence before they're eligible for parole. The Bryan Durman Act would bump that number to 85% if a peace officer or firefighter was killed. Today, Brandy stood with Senator Alice Forgy Kerr, the bill's sponsor, as the Senate voted.

"I'm very nervous, I'm very apprehensive," she said.

Brandy didn't have to be nervous for long. The Senate passed the Bryan Durman Act unanimously.

"It was very exciting, just validated for me that we're doing the right thing, here, keeping these guys safe when they're doing their jobs," said Durman.

If the bill is made a law, it won't affect Glenn Doneghy, Durman's convicted killer.

"It's very disheartening that he will be eligible for parole just next year," she said.

But Brandy knows it could make a world of difference going forward.

"It will help people going forward, and those police and firefighter families if their loved one is harmed,"

The bill will go to the the House Judicial Committee next.

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