Senate president open to judgeship

FRANKFORT, Ky. (AP) - A spokeswoman for Kentucky Senate President David Williams says he would consider a judicial appointment if an offer is made.

Lourdes Baez-Schrader sent out the brief statement Thursday.

It was the first indication that Williams was open to becoming a judge, which would require him to resign as the Republican leader of the state Senate.

The Burkesville Republican wields considerable influence as leader of the GOP-led Senate. He was trounced by Democratic incumbent Steve Beshear in last year's gubernatorial election.

Beshear, who has a record of appointing his Republican foes to higher-paying jobs, has said he believes Williams is qualified for the job of circuit judge.

A circuit court judgeship is open in Williams's district and Beshear must make an appointment to fill the two-year term.

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