Sentencing trial begins in Clark Co. for notorious killer

CLARK COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT)- Court officials chose 12 jurors to hear the case of a convicted killer, who is now waiting to be punished for the attempted murder of two jail employees. Those jurors are in a courtroom to carry out the sentencing phase of a trial for Bass Webb.

Webb was convicted of attempted murder for an incident in 2009 in Bourbon County. Police from several counties were chasing Webb after the murder of his then girlfriend, Bryia Runiewicz. That chase led to the parking lot of the jail in Paris. There, Webb tried to run over two jail employees. One deputy suffered a leg injury.

Once Webb was convicted of attempted murder for the incident in Bourbon County, it was determined that moving the sentencing phase to a neutral county would be beneficial for the jury selection process.

Monday's hearing was held in Clark County. One of Webb's attorneys said to potential jurors during the jury selection how odd it was for him to participate in a trial with a sole focus of punishment. Jurors will listen to recorded evidence to help them reach a decision regarding Webb's fate.

Commonwealths Attorney Gordy Shaw says sentencing will come in two stages. Jurors will have to decide if Webb falls into the category of persistent felony offender. If the jury doesn't put Webb in that category, he'll only face 10-20 years for the attempted murder charges. If they decide that Webb does qualify as a persistent felony offender for the jury, he faces 20-50 years. Mr. Shaw says they'll present Webb's prior charges and convictions, which could include two separate murder charges involving Webb's estranged girlfriends from 2003 and 2009.

After almost an hour of deliberation the jury came back with a sentence of 17 years for each of the attempted murder charges and 20 years for being a persistent felony offender for a total of 37 years in prison. The sentences would run consecutively.

It will not be decided until final sentencing whether those 37 years will run concurrent with the 50 years Webb is already serving for murder.

Webb is scheduled for another murder trial in 2015. He's charged with killing his former girlfriend Sabrina Vaugn in Mongomery County in 2003.

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