Seven fires in two weekends cause for concern

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Two cars caught fire on Hill Rise Drive over the weekend, and at least five others were set fire the weekend before. Add that to dozen or so fires from the winter and the neighbors in the area quickly just shake their head.

In one parking spot blackened ash, a few shards of glass, and a spark plug that's buried in the asphalt is all that can be seen of one of the recent car fires at the apartment complex. Down the street another car was set on fire, burning it completely and melting part of the van parked next to it.

"It was totaled, I mean you could see nothing but the guts of it," described Jewel Burnette, whose van was melted after her son's car was destroyed, "It was really scary."

The Lexington Fire Department says it's a concern when you have seven suspicious fires in two weekends, all in the same area. However, you don't have to remind the tenants of the rash of fires.

"It's crazy because my grandmother lives right there," pointed David Dawson, "it's kind of petty."

"It's nerve wracking because we can't get any sleep, you know, we're up. Every time we hear the sirens go up and down the street, we're up, we're looking," added Burnette.

This block has been targeted before. In the winter, roughly a dozen fires were set to dumpsters and other vehicles.

"Now, it's done starting up again, and nobody still doesn't know (anything)," stated Burnette.

She's not alone in her frustration, her neighbors are also getting nervous.

"They're just angry, they're upset. They want to know why they're not doing anything, how come nobody has been caught."

Fire investigators say it appears that all of these fires have been intentionally set, but they cannot say if they are all related. Which adds to everyone's concern.

"We don't know who is doing it. We don't know why they're doing it. We don't know why it's going on. We don't know why they're randomly picking certain things to set on fire. We don't know what's next," said Burnette.

After all, Burnette and others in the area just want these fires to stop so they won't have to fear what happens when they go to sleep at night.

If you have any information about the series of fires, the Lexington Fire Department asks that you call the Crime Stoppers tip line or the Fire Investigation office at 859-231-5672. You can remain anonymous and there could be a cash reward for information that leads to an arrest.

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