Several arrested after meth lab found at Richmond motel

RICHMOND, Ky. (WKYT) - Police say it appears a meth lab was in a room at the Belair Motel for several days. Now they're cleaning up the mess left behind.

Police say someone called them complaining of a chemical odor at the Belair Motel around 1:00 Wednesday mornin. When police got there, they say they found a meth lab.

"Identified one of the rooms for the order was coming from. Evacuated the surrounding rooms and actually took seven people into custody, decontaminated them," said Assistant Chief Bob Mott of the Richmond Police Department.

Those seven people were all taken to the hospital to be checked out. Police say it appeared the meth lab had been there for some time. They say they found at least three bottles of meth still cooking in a closet and several spent ones.

"There were several reaction vessels that were in there. It looked like they were cooking for a period of days at least maybe even longer than that," Mott said.

Police charged Anthony Debord, Carolyn Eckler, and Bobbi Evans with manufacturing methamphetamine. They also charged Douglas Pearson and Adam Dean with complicity to manufacturing methamphetamine.

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