Community shows support for Campbellsville firefighters hurt in ice bucket challenge

CAMPBELLSVILLE, Ky. (WKYT) - The Campbellsville Fire Dept. is just across the street from Campbellsville University. It's common to see the two work together.

In fact, firefighters and other first responders frequently eat at the college's dining hall, which is open to the public. The food service director says almost every day he looks up to see firefighters, police officers and EMTs sitting in the same section of the dining room.

"A lot of the fire department guys, the police, they're great to have on campus," said Heath Hall, the university food service director. He says having police officers and firefighters eat on campus adds an element of safety to the environment.

Captain Tony Grider, who has been with the department for 16 years is still in critical condition, after the accident Thursday.

Alex Quinn is in fair condition.

The two were in the bucket of a fire truck, helping the Campbellsville University band take part in an ice water challenge. They were operating the water nozzle when police say a power arc occurred with nearby power lines.

WKYT spoke with Quinn's father who says his son took off from city hall, where he works, to attend the ice bucket challenge.

Mr. Quinn says his son was badly burned but is breathing on his own and they are not sure if he will require skin grafts.

Campbellsville fire officials say "a number of investigations" are taking place in the wake of the accident.

Two other firefighters, 37-year old Steve Marrs and 28-year old Alex Johnson were hurt as well, but were treated and released from a local hospital.

Firefighters from Taylor, Marion and Green Counties are assisting the local department with calls.

Fire officials say they will not have any more to say about the accident, pending the outcome of the numerous investigations taking place.

Campbellsville University is a faith based institution. While no organized prayer events are scheduled, the dean there says students are taking it upon themselves to hold spontaneous prayer events.

Counselors are also on hand to help the students who witnessed the accident.

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