Several rain chances this week

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For many of you out there it was a much cooler Monday. Even a a few of us had showers or will have some showers as the day progresses. This is not only an issue for Monday, but for several days this week. Showers and storms will come calling for most of you!

A wave of energy, currently in position to our Southwest, will spread showers and storms all across Kentucky on Tuesday. Parts of Kentucky fall under a SLIGHT risk of severe weather for Tuesday. While only a small sliver of our area is under the risk, some of those stronger storms could certainly fire off for us as well.

Our Tuesday system will be a slow mover and will hangout close to us for several days. As long as it is hanging close... showers and storms will be likely. At this point, it looks as if we will have several chances this week. This is your week if you are a fan of daily rain chances.

The next decent break in the pattern looks to appear by the end of the week. Which is really all we need. Another break to get us through the weekend.

We'll keep a very close eye on anything that develops.

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