Franklin County storm damage cleanup expected to last days

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FRANKLIN CO., Ky. (WKYT) - When Ike Pinkston's chainsaw runs out of gas, he cranks up his leaf blower and attacks the tree limbs in his driveway.

"I've spent my whole life cleaning up behind storms. But this is a bigger mess than usual, much bigger," he said.

He says clearing his yard has almost become a matter of routine, but he says he wasn't prepared to see Wednesday night's storms topple six of their trees.

"We could look out the window and see the trees whipping back and forth which is a little scary," said Patti Pinkston, his wife.

Uprooted trees and scarred landscapes now frame many of the roads that run through the Evergreen community in southern Franklin County.

The radar indicates that 60 to 70 mile per hour straight line winds tore through the area Wednesday evening.

"It was really storming, I looked out the window and the trees were bent over double," Ike Pinkston said.

Emergency Management officials say the storm knocked out power to about 2,500 people and they had to close about 10 roads for fallen trees.

The Pinkstons say it will take a week of their time and a lot of hard work to clear the storm damage.

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