Severe weather on the way but sirens silenced in Franklin County

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FRANKLIN COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - If the storms turn severe Tuesday night, one county won't be able to use its outdoor sirens to warn people.

Franklin County emergency leaders had to take all of the county's 22 sirens offline after two of them malfunctioned last week. And they won't be repaired until next week.

It's the end of January meaning emergency management officials in Franklin County did not expect the possibility of severe weather quite like this.

Officials say it's bad timing considering their sirens have been down since last week.

For now they have a quieter approach in alerting people.

"We made a major media blast today with emails, Facebook, and Twitter," said Ray Kinney, the deputy director with Frankfort/Franklin County Emergency Management.

And the sheriff's department is doing the same using social media to get the word out.

"It's another way to communicate, and it's a good way to communicate, especially with people with their cell phones and other things to put alert out and updates," said Franklin County Sheriff Pat Melton.

Two of the 22 sirens in the county malfunctioned last week, and until those are fixed next week, the system is shut down.

"It's a great tool, and that's why we continue to try to keep them working. And we try to use multiple, different ways in case one breaks, so that we've got other back-up measures in place," said Kinney.

Emergency management says not relying on sirens just means you need to keep a closer eye on the sky and your computer or television.

"People like to know, and that's why we put a big effort out to let people know that they are down. And they should use alternate methods to be aware of the storm," said Kinney.

To stay up-to-date on the weather conditions in your area while on-the-go, you can download the WKYT First Alert Defender app on any of your smart devices.

We talked to emergency management leaders in Fayette County as well, and they tell us they check their sirens regularly.

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