Shane Ragland, convicted in shooting death of UK football player, back in court

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WKYT) - "I've had enough of what's going on over there in that house, being around him and the influence. I felt like I had to do this to protect my kids." Christopher Allen is referring to his ex-wife's boyfriend, Shane Ragland. Allen filed an Emergency Protective Order last week and headed to court Monday to tell the judge Ragland had lashed out, hitting her ex-wife and then his son while they were in the car.

"My oldest daughter had to get out and run to get police. You know, my son was trying to protect his mom. When they sit there and tell it, it's pretty dramatic, a lot of drama," Allen explained.

A Spencer County judge abandoned the E.P.O for a more permanent D.V.O, barring Shane Ragland from having contact with his four children, ages 8-14, for the next year. "I think he made a good decision and kind of put him in his place," Allen said.

Ragland's trouble began decades ago when he was tied to, and eventually convicted, for the 1994 shooting death of UK football player Trent Digiuro. The conviction was overturned, but Ragland later entered a guilty plea on the lesser charge of manslaughter. Days later, with credit for time served, he was a free man. In the years that followed, a series of charges and court appearances followed. Allen's ex-wife is back with Ragland, and the two showed up to court together. Allen said he's not concerned with her actions, or Ragland's, just as long as Shane Ragland isn't around his children. "He can live his life wherever he wants to live it, do whatever, just stay away from my kids and I'm happy."

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