Shelter overrun with animals in Franklin County

FRANKLIN COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) -- We told you Friday about a central Kentucky shelter that's overrun with animals, rescued from a dangerous situation.

While many community members have showed up to help, there's still a lot of work to be done.

The donations are coming in, but folks with the Franklin County Humane Society say they need much more.

"It's an extreme toll," said Nancy Benton, Franklin Co Humane Society. "Financially, medically it's going to be very, very costly."

Nancy Benton says she's glad she and others with the rescue group can help the 23 animals they've rescued from a hoarding situation. Most of the dogs are still being kept in cages where they were found---because the shelter is already full. In addition to general health problems like fleas, most of these dogs need to be spayed or nuetered, and at least three will need eye surgery soon.

"Lots of medical attention involved," said Benton. "We also have two additional staff people working where the dogs are being held. So, it puts a strain on taking care of the animals here. So we have a personnel issue as well as a financial burden."

But Benton says it's a strain the shelter will gladly shoulder---so that these animals can be made healthy. At least one of the dogs rescued here is already up for adoption, and with more help, Benton says more will follow.

Benton says she's looking for volunteers to walk the dogs being held off site, as well as bags of Beneful dog food so they have a consistent diet.

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