Sheriff: Boyle Co. man tried to drown his ex-girlfriend

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BOYLE COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - The sheriff says it started as a reconciliation attempt but quickly took a turn for the worst.

The Boyle County Sheriff's Department charged Gregory Rogers, 48, with kidnapping and assault after they say he became violent with his ex-girlfriend and ended with him trying to drown her in a creek. It happened Thursday night at a creek the locals call the "Penn Hole" near the Boyle-Casey County line.

"He convinced her to meet with him and try to reconcile some of the problems they were having," said Sheriff Marty Elliott.

The sheriff says there's a past of abuse in this relationship. "He becomes violent over a past incident. And according to the victim, slams her head against the back glass several times."

The sheriff tells us Rogers' ex-girlfriend was able to get away from him and ran into the creek, which ended up being a bad idea.

"He picks her up then and just tells her he's going to drown her and starts trying to submerge her. She gets away from him again and hides. We understand she hid in the cemetery," said Sheriff Elliott.

We're told the victim then tried flagging down several people passing by and finally got someone to pick her up.

Rogers turned down our request for an interview to give us his side of the story.

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