Sheriff: Drug suspect had police officer information

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The Franklin County sheriff says his deputies arrested a man on drug and gun charges, then discovered the man had a list of all officers and unit numbers from the Frankfort Police Department. Sheriff Pat Melton says the arrest stems from a drug investigation they call the "Motor City Organized Crime" case. It began back in January.

"Focused on the heroin trafficking coming in from Detroit," he said.

The sheriff says Patrick Stipes had a handgun in his waistband when deputies went to his apartment to serve a search warrant Friday. As a 20-year-old, they say he's not eligible for a concealed-carry permit. Inside Stipes' apartment, Melton says deputies found more guns, high-quality marijuana, cash, and something that surprised them.

"A list that had the FPD (Frankfort Police Department)'s car numbers, the name of the officer assigned to them, and their unit number," Melton said.

Melton says it's not clear where the document came from.

"It's intelligence. Right now are working with Frankfort PD trying to determine how this individual came about that. How he found it or how he got that in his hands," he said.

Frankfort Police say they're not considering it a threat.

"It would be it would be very naïve of us to think that the bad guys are not doing counterintelligence against us trying to figure out what we're doing before they make their move," said Captain Rob Warfel, of the Frankfort Police Department.

Stipes turned down WKYT's request to talk to him at the Franklin County Regional Jail.

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