Sheriff: Father used son as lookout during assault

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LAUREL COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - Deputies at the Laurel County Sheriff's Office arrested Earl Jackson after they say he assaulted his wife and used his eight-year-old son as a lookout. They say a woman told them her husband had assaulted her at their home, so she moved out. Then, Saturday afternoon, they say he showed up at the Corbin gas station where she works.

"She sees him pull up and she runs and hides in the back bathroom. He comes into the business and talks her into coming out and talking to her, well, it went from bad to worse. He assaulted her again," said Deputy Gilbert Acciardo of the Laurel County Sheriff's Office.

They say he turned to his 8-year-old son for help.

"Apparently while he was assaulting her, he told his eight-year-old son, who was along with him, to watch out for the cops in case they were coming," Acciardo said.

Deputies say Jackson left before police got there. They say they arrested him not long after near his home. They say the woman wasn't badly hurt, but they're concerned about the accusation involving the boy.

"If he's watching out for the cops, then obviously, he's being taught that the cops are the bad guys and if he ever gets in a bad situation and he needs a police officer, this is going to be really bad because he's going to be afraid of a police officer and he's going to think bad things about a police officer," Acciardo said.

WKYT reached out to Jackson for his side of the story, but he declined the interview request.