Sheriff investigating road rage case in Jessamine Co.

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JESSAMINE COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - Danny Grindstaff hit the window of his truck with his fist saying, “he kept smacking the glass as hard as he could.”

He says when a driver attacked him in a fit of rage Wednesday afternoon he thought his life was in danger.

"To use a vehicle as a weapon, it was obviously a road rage incident," said Grindstaff.

He says he was attacked when he pulled up to a one lane bridge on Glass Mill Road in Jessamine County at the same time as another driver.

He says he waited a moment before he put the truck in reverse to let the man through.

Grindstaff says the driver got out of the vehicle, walked over to his truck and beat it with his fists.

He says the man then went back to his truck, grabbed a 2x4 and came after him again.

Grindstaff says he kept backing up and was far enough away that man jumped back into his truck and started riding his bumper.

He says the driver tailed him until he backed onto a side road, which is where he says the man rammed his truck and then peeled away.

"I happen to like the truck a lot, to some people it's nothing special but it is to me," he said.

Grindstaff says it may cost up to $2,000 to repair the damage to the side of his truck.

He says he spent a sleepless night worrying for other drivers in Jessamine County.

"I'm concerned he'll do the same thing. It was as really frightening and just uncalled for," said Grindstaff.

The Sheriff's Office is looking for the driver of the gold Mazda truck that was used in the alleged attack.

Deputies say if they find the driver, he will be charged with wanton endangerment, menacing, and leaving the scene of an accident.

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