Sheriff steps up enforcement to catch group of thieves

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BOYLE COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - The Boyle County Sheriff's Office is dealing with a big problem. They have several unsolved break-ins throughout the western part of the county. Sheriff Marty Elliot has stepped up enforcement to tackle the problem, "We've tried to beef up patrol. We've authorized overtime because the community is asking me to do something and I'm trying."

"These thieves have been stealing stuff from around the neighborhood. They've stolen stuff here, down that way, down that way, up that way. It's everywhere. Right across the road. It's just terrible," says Regina Henson, a theft victim.

"When you have a man and woman that you've known all your life, and you know how they've worked all their life. And you realize that some deadbeat crackhead is taking your property, it upsets me," adds Sheriff Elliot.

The burglars are targeting barns and garages. They have gotten away with trailers, four wheelers, and lawn equipment from people in the western part of the county.

"The unusual part about the break ins. They are not day time break ins. they're night time break-ins," says Elliot.

"I had a big, 500, bigger than this one sitting over here. They pulled it out," says Randy Richardson, another theft victim.

Richardson is so fed up that he's waiting to confront the thieves himself, "I come back here 2 nights in a row, sitting up there in that chair. A man, the second night, I was sitting here, about 5 in the morning, he came to that window. He was looking in. I sat real still. I thought he was going to come back through the window there. I guess I must have spooked him or something."

"I, myself personally have stayed in buildings all night trying to catch someone coming back. Trying to find what's going on and stopping these people," says Elliot.

These neighbors are angry and the sheriff tells WKYT's Brittany Pelletz that he wouldn't want to be the burglar who runs into one of the home owners.

Sheriff Elliot says these thieves are wearing gloves which is making it difficult to find the thieves. Elliot says they are following up on leads. They believe the same thieves they're dealing with are also responsible for a rash of burglaries in Marion and Washington County.

Sheriff Elliot wants to encourage people who recover stolen property to call the tip line. They offer a reward for recovered stolen property. You can remain anonymous. Sheriff Elliot says that many times the recovering of property can lead them straight to the thieves. The Boyle County tip line number is (888) 839-9115.

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