Shock probation hearing for tougher DUI laws

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FRANKFORT, Ky. (WKYT) - An emotional day in the state capitol as a mother who lost her son in a DUI crash made a plea for tougher laws.

"I come before you as a mother, as a victim, and as an advocate," said Debbie Moskwa, who's son named Ricky died in a DUI crash back in 2002.

Moskwa sat beside Representative Julie Adams of Louisville and another grieving mother in front of a committee Thursday in Frankfort, hoping to change a Kentucky law.

"We, as other victims of shock probation and a DUI death, know that our children's and our loved ones' lives and deaths have been devalued," said Moskwa.

But House Bill 28 would change all of that. It would prohibit judges from granting shock probation to those convicted of killing someone while driving under the influence.

"DUI related homicides inflict tragedies of unimaginable consequences on innocent Kentuckians and their families," said Moskwa.

Those in support of the bill say more times than none that those convicted of second degree manslaughter or reckless homicide are only in prison for days or months because of the current laws surrounding shock probation. And they say lives are worth much more time served than that.

"Punishment in these incidences is just and deserved," said Moskwa.

"I'm hoping that 2013 is the magic year that we can move this bill forward," said Representative Julie Adams.

Representative Adams says that previous bills have passed out of the house in 2009 and the senate in 2008 but have yet to be approved by both chambers.

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