Shooter shares his side of story following road rage incident

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Sean Sampson tells WKYT's Brittany Pelletz that the only reason why he is in jail is because he acted in self-defense.

The incident unfolded at Georgetown Road and Ironworks Pike Saturday around 4 in the afternoon.

"I feel terrible that I had to shoot the gentleman and I really hope genuinely that he is okay," admits Sampson.

Sampson sits in the Fayette County Detention Center charged with second degree assault after what police are calling a road rage incident.

Moments after the crash, Sampson claims he was threatened by someone in the other car. He admits to then brandishing his gun.

"The two girls push me. I look at the one girl and say, what the hell is your problem? Next thing I know, I get sucker punched right across the face. The blood is still there," Sampson adds.

According to an arrest citation, a man named Samuel Huff punched Sampson with a closed fist during the argument. After that, Sampson admits that he shot Huff in the leg.

"The man was coming at me. The other gentleman was coming at me. I was literally on the ground. I had no other choice but to pull my weapon and fire," says Sampson.

Sampson admits the whole incident should have been handled differently. But, he doesn't believe he should be behind bars, "I'm a law abiding citizen. I shouldn't be in here. I have no business being in here. I'm not a criminal."

Sampson has been in jail since Saturday. He is expected to have his first day in court Tuesday.

Sampson admits he did know one of the men involved. But says they never had any problems until Saturday.

Lexington Police also charged Sampson with possession of a controlled substance at the scene. Police say they found half of a Percocet on him.

The gunshot victim, Samuel Huff has been released from the hospital.

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