Police investigating shots fired outside Lexington apartment

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Police say an uninvited group showed up to a party at Newtown Crossing. That's when several shots were fired.

It happened just before midnight at the apartment complex on South Broadway. Police say the group was asked to leave and that's when a brief fight broke out.

As the group was leaving, police say a person fired four shots at the apartment. No one was hurt, but one bullet did damage a car.

It was a frightening moment for people who live in the complex, many of which are college students. But neighbors say since it was an isolated incident, they don’t plan to leave.

“I don't feel like moving is necessary because it could happen where ever you live, it's kind of one of those incidents that could happen anywhere," says Brandon Drury, a neighbor.

While police searched for suspects in the shooting, they did end up finding a man with a gun. Police say William Cole and Jordan Cole took off running before officers caught them behind Red Mile Village Apartments.

William Cole is now facing several charges, including carrying a concealed deadly weapon. Jordan Cole was arrested on an unrelated warrant.

Despite their arrests, police do not believe the two men were involved in the shooting at Newtown Crossing.

William Cole
Jordan Cole

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