Shots fired during road rage incident in Breathitt County

BREATHITT CO., Ky. (WKYT) - Police are investigating after a road rage incident that led to a shooting in Breathitt County.

The Jackson Police chief says it happened on Highway 15 near the Walmart.

Police are still trying to piece together exactly what happened. They say the drivers of two pickup trucks, one white, the other black, were passing each other for several miles before finally pulling to the side of the road. The incident happened near several people who had gathered at a nearby yard sale.

"The guy in the passenger side jumped out and started running toward the black truck and at that time I didn't hear no talking all I heard was four or five gunshots go off," said Diane Butler.

Police say the driver of the black truck shot at least four times at the white truck's passenger, grazing him in the leg.

After the altercation the shooter went to the police department while the other men involved went home.

"He advised he had been involved in a shooting, he'd been threatened by another person in a white truck with some weapons," said Jackson Police Chief Kenneth Spicer.

Investigators say they are getting two different stories from each driver, both claim the other forced them off the road. The driver who pulled the trigger claims he did it in self-defense when a passenger in the other pickup truck came after him.

The driver and the passenger hit by the gunfire told police the man fired on them for no reason.

So far, no charges have been filed. The sheriff's office is still investigating the incident.

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