WKYT Crimetracker: Shoplifter arrested after injuring young bystander

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LEXINGTON, KY (WKYT) - A shoplifter was arrested at Macy's in Fayette Mall after officers say he stole items and then injured a three-year-old girl in his attempt to elude the law.

Police say the incident happened at Macy's inside Fayette Mall around 4 o'clock on Saturday. According to police, a Macy's loss prevention officer recognized 18-year-old, Wesley Sharpton-Smith, who had been banned from the store. Police say Sharpton-Smith was caught shoplifting at Macy's earlier this month and was told not to come back.

Police say Sharpton-Smith and another man tried to make a run for it with the stolen merchandise. During the incident, police say the two men ran into several people and injured a young girl, knocking out a tooth.

"I am sorry that she got hurt. I hope they understand we're not talking about some thug, who grew up poor and made nothing but bad decisions in life. I hope this is a one time thing for my son," says Felicia Smith, mother one of the suspects.

Felicia Smith sat in the Fayette County courtroom Monday as a judge listed off the criminal charges he is facing. Police charged Sharpton-Smith with theft by unlawful taking, criminal trespassing, assault, and wanton endangerment.

Sharpton-Smith was arrested Saturday after Macy's loss prevention officers were able to detain him. Police say the other man with Sharpton-Smith got away.

"Unfortunately, while they were hitting people, and pushing people one of the individuals who was actually run over was a small child, a little girl. And when they ran over her, literally on top of her, she lost a tooth in the situation," says Sherelle Roberts, with Lexington Police.

"I know that he is way better than that. I think it's tragic. I feel sorry for the young lady that got hurt. I know this is very traumatic for her. I apologize for her parents because I think it was just a senseless thing that happened, adds Smith.

Smith realizes these charges could stay on his record, which is why she is concerned for her son's future and the future of the child who was injured, "I just hope that that young lady is okay and that this doesn't scar her for the rest of her life."

Lexington Police are asking the public for help since one of the suspect's in this case is on the run. If you know anything about this incident at Macy's inside Fayette Mall, you are asked to call police.

Police say the loss prevention officers at Macy's didn't get the name of the young girl or her family because the father rushed his daughter to the hospital to be checked out after the incident.

Police also say Sharpton-Smith struck the loss prevention officer during the incident. Police say the officer is okay.

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