Shoppers anticipate traffic trouble with future shopping center

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - It's just dirt and rock on the property now, but developers are constructing a new shopping center on Mall Road in Lexington.

Shoppers have mixed emotions about adding more shops and restaurants moving in.

"It looks like it's going to have some great stores in there, something new for us to shop. More shopping, " says Phoebe Wiley, a Lexington resident.

"It's always competition when new restaurants come in, so hopefully it doesn't affect out business," says Derek Whiteside, a local restaurant employee.

"It's just going to make this a bigger mess," adds Sarah Dixon, a shopper.

It's already the central shopping area in Lexington, in and around Fayette Mall.

With so many shops and restaurants near the mall, some shoppers tell WKYT, they didn't think there was room to build much more.

A local developer found a vacant lot on Mall Road just behind the Lexington Athletic Club. Tom Cheek Design Build is in charge of creating the 20,000 square foot shopping complex.

While shoppers await to see what will move in, many couldn't help but to think of the traffic impact it could have.

"It's going to make this ten times worse. Oh my gosh. It's going to be awful," Dixon adds.

"I just hope it doesn't get like Christmas time, I guess," says Whiteside.

One nearby restaurant owner tells WKYT, he believes the project will bring more people to the area and will be good for existing businesses.

Representatives from Tom Cheek's office tell WKYT the building will likely be complete sometime this summer. They are still looking for tenants to rent space in the building.