Shoppers brave the snow for supplies

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT)-Some shoppers headed out despite the snow in order to pick up supplies like groceries and salt.

"Milk, bread, eggs," explained Walter Stone, who had just been shopping inside the Walmart store in Hamburg.

Stone and his wife were among the brave few who made it out to go shopping as the snow continued to fall.

"Slick," Stone commented about the road conditions he'd encountered. He also offered some advice to others. "You've got to be careful and drive slow."

Folks slipped and slid with and without shopping carts in front of the Walmart in Hamburg, trying to get out before conditions worsened.

"It's ok--it's the packy kind of snow!" Renee Gorman said.

Many people went from the Walmart to the Lowes to pick up other needed items like salt and shovels.

"It'll probably go quickly because the snow has been picking up!," Dennis Hacker said while looking at the ample salt supply inside the store.

Hacker and his wife are among the shoppers inside the Lowes Store stocking up. While the shovel supply is dwindling, he says he couldn't believe there was still salt available.

"That's the reason why I didn't bring a cart over; I thought it would be sold out."

Regardless of where they were shopping, the people we spoke to said there's only one place they'll be the rest of the day--and that's home.